Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The cafeteria is back open?

I read a post today on The Cafeteria is Closed that frankly shocked me. In it, the ostensibly Catholic-in-all things author, Gerald Augustinus, made an apologia for the homosexual deathstyle based on the same absurd premises that one often hears out of the mouths of homo-promo cheerleaders in the “elite” media. That is, “they were born that way/we should accept them if they’re in committed relationships.” The usual rubbish.

Here’s the response I made on his site:
Gerald writes: "being in a committed gay is not the same as being 'enslaved' to sex..."

No? Based on my experience, the notion of "committed gay" is a complete myth. It's been confirmed over and over and over in my life among folks I thought were gay but otherwise "normal."

Don't know if you ever read this article from NOR, but it encapsulates everything I've learned about the homosexual deathstyle from the poor souls afflicted with this condition that I've known. (warning, graphic content):

The Truth about the Homosexual Rights Movement.

Enabling or affirming homosexual behavior is never loving or compassionate. It only compounds the sin and adds to the misery.

Christ told the woman caught in adultery to "Go and sin no more." That's precisely what Catholics need to tell people with homosexual attractions. Through the help of Christ, they can do it.
Safe to assume that the cafeteria is back open for Gerald. Very sad. One of the other posters suggested this was an April Fool's Day joke. I hope that turns out to be true.

Gerald, if you're reading this, I'm praying for you, my friend.


Anonymous said...

This is exactly right! Gerald has turned into a neo-conservative if you ask me. I knew there was something wrong when he started spouting off about how bad Dolfuss was. Dolfuss actually saw Hitler for what he was. Given Dolfuss didn't have it perfect, but at least he could see that the Nazis were evil.

I really don't find his stance on homosexuality all that surprising. For example, if you don't want to vote when there's no morally acceptable candidate he'd call you an Obama or Clinton supporter and call you a liberal. And because I supported the syllabus of errors by Pius IX I'm called an extreme right wingy. Gerald didn't use those terms of course but he hinted at it. The man has lost my respect. I'm sorry. He boasts about pro-democracy and living in a plauralistic society, to which I reply, in the words of Father John Corapi, "I wouldn't boast about being a heretic", considering he supports a pro-abortion candidate in McCain.

Thus, with Gerald's anti-catholic statements such as accusing the Catholic Church of supporting fascistic dictatorships. I really had to laugh at that one. His scholarship was really sloppy and very selective. Not to mention, if I criticize the state of Israel, I'm called a liberal or a bomb terrorist supporter. Whatever that means. I, the warrior, had to get this off my chest. I've been holding it back for so long now. And it feels so good to finally get it all out.

Sorry for venting on you.

Florentius said...

Vent away. I have not been a long time reader of The Cafeteria is Closed--I just started a few months ago. I always thought Gerald was a straight-shooter. But he caught me off guard with this one. His arguments were right out of the Rainbow Sash movement's website.

Based on his views of homosexuality, calling his blog "The Cafeteria is Closed" is about as appropriate as Bill Maher hosting a show called "Politically Incorrect."

Anonymous said...

Out of the Rainbow sashes website? Dang! I should have known. I always wondered why I saw so little of Geralds views on gay marriages. Speaking of Bill Maher, did you see the Catholic League's recent statement on Jay Leno?


Florentius said...

Thanks for the link to the article by the Catholic League. I've added them to my list of links.

I also added your blog and deleted the Re-opened Cafeteria. Are those your cartoons, btw? They're great!

Anonymous said...

They are from catholic cartoon blog I believe. Should've said it earlier.


Gerald Augustinas can suck it.

Marie said...

I recently wrote my own thoughts on Homosexuals and the movement by some Churches to embrace the idea of apologising to them.

I had not read Geralds post on his thoughts about homosexuality, but I just left a comment on his blog. I dont know if he will allow it through because I disagree with him.

Please take the time and read MY post on Homosexuals and the Church which IS inline with the Catholic Church. :) Thankyou


Peace to you:)


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog Marie.

Florentius said...


To Gerald's credit, he did let a lot of posts through that were harshly critical of him. However, that's as far as I'll go in praising him. It takes a lot of gall to call your blog "The Cafeteria is Closed" and then still go around proclaiming the Church is wrong on certain pet issues. It stinks of hypocrisy.

BTW, your post on homosexuality was right on target. Frankly, I don't believe that it is right or proper for people to categorize themselves based on the wicked temptations that they are subject to--let alone give in to them and claim that they wouldn't have such temptations if not for God.

In Christ, all sin and temptation may be overcome. If the lame walk, the deaf hear, and the dead are raised, it seems a comparatively small thing that a person with disordered sexuality may be healed as well.

Dominic said...

Since this blog is no longer in a position to spiritually, or even doctrinally, to call itself Catholic,much like it's founder,
Gerald should really cease displaying and offering for sale ANY Catholic,let alone Christian-oriented goods and items.
He spits on the Bible ,when he supports the militant homosexual agenda.

He mocks the Sacrifice of the Mass when he supports the liturgical criminals in our midst.

And he brings ignominy to the Sign of the Cross when he displays a picture of Christ Crucified,yet chooses to ignore or even rebel against Canon Law and the Catechism;as a ''Catholic'' that refuses to obey lawful authority of Holy Mother Church.

He is in it for the money,the Scandal,and the notoriety it brings to him from his fellow Rebels against God.'
He gets off on insulting,scandalizing,and offending Catholics for any reason;but especially on issues that offend especially:such as the militant homosexuals that are attempting to remold the culture into their own filthy image.
He really should take down any of his advertisements pertain to REAL Catholics,and not to his cadre of bullies and sodomite thugs that post here.
He lost the privilege of doing that when he turned against his Faith.
It shouldn't really matter to Gerald that much anyway....
He prefers the company of sex-perverts to that of his Savior Jesus Christ anyway,so he won't miss seeing the Crucifix VERY much.