Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I voted for Donald Trump out of hate

Not even 24 hours after the event, those of us who voted for Trump are being accused of doing so out of hatred. Well, to a certain extent, that is true. I voted for Donald Trump out of hate.
  • I hate the disastrous “Affordable Care Act” which has caused healthcare premiums to skyrocket for steadily degrading coverage, pushing many middle class people to the financial brink. 
  • I hate the fact that taxes, fees and tolls are constantly being raised on the poor and middle class by a party that is supposed to be for "the little guy."
  • I hate the hypocrisy of the anti-war left who barely batted an eyelash when Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama expanded wars and created new ones. 
  • I hate it that our media and elites have baited us into thinking that “all lives matter” is somehow a racist statement. 
  • I hate the depravity and corruption of our so-called leaders in DC of both parties. 
  • I hate it that organizations have been specifically targeted by the IRS for audit based on their political, religious and moral beliefs.
  • I hate it that powerful elites in government get off scot-free after breaking laws that would send the rest of us straight to jail. 
  • I hate the fact that the Supreme Court has been allowed to become a super-Constitutional, politicized, unaccountable legislative body with the power to make and unmake our civilizational mores by the fiat majority of five individuals.
  • I hate it that the elites in DC are seriously considering making my daughters liable to conscription into the armed forces at age 18.
  • I hate the fact that I can no longer let my young daughters use a public restroom without the lurking concern that a man might be in it.
  • I hate the fact that my church is being taken to court by the government because we won't fund or endorse things that violate our consciences. 
  • I hate the fact that good educators, professionals, business people and government workers are losing their livelihoods for speaking unpopular opinions or following their consciences. 
  • I hate the fact that the unborn are not protected by law and may be slain at will.
So yes, I voted out of hate--for the toxic principles that infect our government, media, academic and financial elites.

I voted out of hate--for an utterly corrupt and immoral political system that protects the guilty and punishes the innocent.

It should go without saying that I did not vote out of hate for any particular person.

But I also voted out of hope--that a political neophyte outsider with an unstoppable work ethic might be able to break up the culture of corruption and somehow get this country back on track. Considering Mr. Trump's character, it may well end up being a vain hope. But a vain hope is better than a destructive and hypocritical status quo.

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