Monday, February 27, 2012

Pro-Ron Paul SuperPAC is funded by global hedge fund manager

Ron Paul, who claims to be a fierce opponent of globalism and big money interests, as well as a strong proponent of traditional morality, is receiving millions of dollars in political support from global hedge fund manager, Peter Theil. An article that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday detailed the $2.6 million in donations made by Thiel, co-founder of Pay Pal, to a Pro-Paul super-PAC, Endorse Liberty, that has produced videos attacking Rick Santorum. Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry. You will note that Mitt Romney is not among those the SuperPAC has attacked.

Thiel also counts himself a libertarian, and a "gay Christian" who has hosted fundraisers for the Republican homosexual agenda-pushing group, GOProud.

The Paul campaign people acknowledge and are happy that Thiel is helping to fund the campaign, though it has clear that this has caused some consternation and internal debate within the campaign already.

Thiel is listed on Wikipedia as president of Clarium Capital, a San Francisco-based investment management and hedge fund company, and managing partner of The Founders Fund.

Most amusingly, Thiel is also a member steering committee of the Bilderberg Group--one of the shadowy, international organizations that Ron Paul frequently fulminates against. In fact, Paul once trashed Rick Perry for meeting with the Bilderberg Group and even called for a criminal investigation of Perry for doing so.

So here we have a "gay Christian" libertarian global hedge fund manager and Bilderberg Group member giving $2.6 million to a Pro-Paul SuperPAC.

I'd be curious to hear how Paul supporters will spin this one.

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