Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Defend the Family in California

California, the state that wants to mandate homosexual education for children and outlaw homeschooling is at it again. This time, the black-robed dictators on the California Supreme Court have issued a mandate saying that the state must recognize "marriages" between two men or two women. This is in direct contradiction of a voter initiative banning such phony marriages which passed 60%/40% some years ago.

The voters in California aren't taking this lying down, however. And as this issue has the potential to affect ALL of us via the Full Faith and Credit clause of the US Constitution (phony marriages in CA will have to be recognized in other states), we need to support the good, upstanding Californians who are fighting this battle. Here are two websites to check out:

Recall California State Supreme Court Justice Ron George


We can either work now to defeat this assault on our traditional values, or else wait and be forced to fight the battle in our own backyards in a few years.

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