Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Exodus from the public schools long overdue

A crisis is brewing in California. First, the state made it law that all public school children would be given a "homo-positive" education. Now, they are trying to forbid you from getting around this insane mandate by making homeschooling illegal. The recent case in California is just another attempt by our run-away court system to force people to put their kids into the government run indoctrination-centers.

This fascist-like effort can and must be resisted. As Cal Thomas pointed out in a recent article, there is a group called Exodus which is working in California to convince people to pull their kids out of the public school system immediately. I fully support this effort and think that only good can come of it. My only worry is that in some places in southern California, the Catholic Church has been run into the ground to such an extent that the Catholic school system doesn't really provide a good alternative to the public schools for parents who are concerned about what their kids are learning on a moral level. For such parents, your choices are stark: either homeschool or move. If you care about your kids, you simply can't allow the State of California to pervert them.

The government schools have become dens of filth and ignorance and sinks where billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars are wasted every year. If enough people pulled their kids out of these corrupt institutions and put them in private schools (or homeschooled if they are able), not only would we have better-educated children, but we'd have a real grass-roots base for a full-fledged taxpayer revolt. And such a revolt is long overdue. As it is, we're paying billions of dollars for the state to educate the next generation of amoral secular activists who will further undermine the Christian ethics at the core of our once-great nation. This can not stand or we face a very grim future.

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