Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fundraising -- An ill omen for the GOP

Now that John McCain is the nominee for the GOP, I hope someone at RNC has figured out that they're going to need to appeal to conservatives if this guy wants to have any chance at winning. A look at the fundrasing totals for the Democrats versus McCain is sobering. (Source)

January 2008
McCain: $12,614,907
Clinton: $18,884,127
Obama: $36,060,927

The numbers look even worse when you compare the totals through the end of January:

McCain: $53,717,085
Clinton: $134,536,488
Obama: $138,231,595

And even worse when you compare the cash on hand and the amount of debt:

Cash-on-hand minus Campaign Debt
McCain: -$337,031
Clinton: $21,609,641
Obama: $23,835,466

The only good news for McCain is that the Clinton/Obama race goes on and they'll continue to have to spend big money. As a fellow who has decried the influence of money in politics for much of his career, it looks like McCain is going to find out the hard way what it's like to run a shoestring campaign against opponents with seemingly limitless sources of funding.

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