Friday, March 14, 2008

Archbishop Burke excommunicates "priestesses"

Well, those wacky dames running around pretending to be priests have finally messed with the wrong prelate. His Excellency, Archbishop Burke of St. Louis, MO has handed down a formal sentence of excommunication against three of them. The formal declaration was made on March 12. Here's the meat of it:
Wherefore, in the most sincere hope and with the prayer that the application of the due canonical penalties will lead the guilty parties to seek the cure of their most grievous sins and canonical crimes, I declare and pronounce the following:

1.) Patricia Fresen, Rose Hudson, and Elsie McGrath have incurred latae sententiae the censure of excommunication by reason of the crime of schism, as established by the Code of Canon Law (cf. cann. 1331; and 1364, s. 1);

2) Upon Patricia Fresen, Rose Hudson, and Elsie McGrath is imposed the ferendae sententiae censure of interdict for the crime of pertinacious rejection of a truth of the faith after admonition by the Ordinary (cf. can. 1371, para. 1);

3) Upon Patricia Fresen is imposed the ferendae sententiae censure of excommunication for the crime of simulation of the sacrament of Holy Orders (cf. can. 1379).
What does this mean, effectively? It means, simply put, that these charlatans are not to set foot on any Church property in the Archdiocese of St. Louis until they make a public act of repentence. They are under interdict, which means they may not receive the sacraments--not even confession--until they have "formally and publicly withdrawn from their contumacy." They may not even receive a Christian burial.

This is a very strong statement from Archbishop Burke and I commend him for it as something that's long, long overdue. God be praised that some fearless and steadfast bishops are finally beginning to stand up here in America. Our prayers are being answered!

I also pray for these poor benighted women who have been led astray. Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may they return to their senses and make a public confession for their sins so that this act of excommunication may be wiped away.

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