Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gas prices too high? Thank a Democrat!

Hat tip to RandallFlagg over at Free Republic for this set of gems:
Gas Prices too high? Thank a Democrat!
They vote against our drilling for our own oil.
And they vote for raising gas taxes.
They vote against building new refineries.

Gas Prices too high? Thank a Democrat!
When you read about all the oil companies making "Record Profits", consider that they only make around 10% of their gross. Microsoft makes about 33% of their gross. And Democrats want you to think this is bad, so they can tax the oil companies even more. But guess who'll end up paying these taxes which usually result in higher prices? You.

Gas Prices too high? Thank a Democrat!
The prices of all things you buy in the store have gone up, too. The increase is because the cost of shipping has risen. The reason for that is because fuel costs have risen. And Democrats in Washington and (insert your state here) want to make it
cost even more by raising gas taxes and the oil companies' business taxes. Which YOU will pay for.

Gas Prices too high? Thank a Democrat!
A large percentage of the oil shipped into America goes into generating electricity. Modern nuclear power plants are remarkably safe and generate electricity with astounding efficiency. Yet Jane Fonda and her Democrat pals in Washington won't allow us to build more nuclear plants so that we could turn more oil into gasoline and thereby drive down the cost.
But wait! Even if we could build more nuclear plants, the Democrats still won't let us build more refineries to turn oil into gasoline.

Gas Prices too high? Thank a Democrat!
Do you think hybrid cars and alternative fuels are the answer? In California, there are a lot of these types of vehicles on the road. The result was that the tax revenue expected from gasoline sales weren't what the Democrats had hoped for because people were conserving and saving money as best they could.
So the Democrats, to make up fo this shortfall in revenue, raised the gasoline tax!

Gas Prices too high? Thank a Democrat!
The price of gas will go up in the spring regardless of what the price of oil is at the time. Why? Because of Democrats.
Changing blends of gasoline around the country twice a year mean that refineries must shut down and retool. Those refineries are running at about 95% capacity (some at 100% capacity) the rest of the year because we don't have enough refineries to keep up with demand. And of course, the Democrats won't let us build any new refineries.

Remember to vote!
This is perfect stuff for stickers, handbills, or to cut and paste into an email to send around to family and friends. Use it!

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I call them the demoncrat party.