Monday, January 07, 2008

More reasons to run from Flip Romney if you're a Republican

Hat tip to Diogenes on Free Republic for these quotes from Boston newspapers about Flip Romney:
"During the four years of Romney’s tenure, the number of registered Republicans in Massachusetts fell by 31,000. During that same period, the Massachusetts Democratic Party gained 30,000." (Boston Globe 11/2/2006)
“The Massachusetts Republican Party died last Tuesday. The cause of death: failed leadership. The party is survived by a few leftover legislators and a handful of county officials and grassroots activists who have been ignored for years. Services will be public and a mass exodus of taxpayers will follow. In lieu of flowers, send messages to New Hampshire Republican voters warning them about a certain presidential candidate named Romney.” (Boston Herald, 11/12/2006)
“Romney arrived on the scene with great promise, but is leaving the Republican Party here in shambles. Not only are the Republicans yielding the governor’s office for the first time in 16 years, but registered Republicans have fallen by 31,000 since Romney took office, and their legislative presence is at historic lows. But it worked out fine for him: He is now chasing the prize he really covets, the presidency.” (Boston Globe 11/8/2006)
Hey Republicans--if you want the national GOP to resemble the Massachusetts GOP--a pale, impotent reflection of the Democrats--vote for Flip.

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